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“PRAWDA” Sp. z o.o. is a production and services company established in August 1989 by its President, Roman Prawda. In the initial stage of our operations we manufactured soft toys and cushions, a part of which was sent by our business partner „Coopexim” to IKEA. Dynamic changes taking place on the market in the second half of the 90s brought about many new opportunities and in 1997 led to a decision to change our production profile. We decided to commence production of plywood fittings. It has continued without breaks until this day. In 2000 we decided to expand our operations and opened a new plant located on Gołdapska street in Olecko. The plant is highly specialised in production of solid wood furniture. One of our advantages is a modern and versatile machinery stock, which was developed for two years. High quality wood, which is bought from the State Forests, is sawed in our own sawmill to undergo all following production processes and achieve a finished product. Our range of products also includes wood briquette. We were awarded many quality awards such as: ISO, FSC, AEO as well as a “Reliable Company” Certificate. Throughout our operations we have also been awarded eight statues of the Business Gazzelles. Another proof of our highest quality is 25-years-long continuous cooperation with IKEA.

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